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3PL – warehousing, transportation and tailored order fulfillment

You do not need a warehouse, agreements with multiple service providers and employees - we will solve all these issues for you!


No matter how big or small you products are there is always solution tailored for your needs. There are no requirements for your product quantity or duration. Our main warehouse is located in Lithuania, but deliveries are made worldwide. We will prepare, sort and pass all the parcels to couriers as required.


We will choose the best possible delivery option for every parcel. Direct parcel issue from warehouse also available. No matter where in the world is your recipient, we will choose the best possible way to deliver it. In addition wide choice of additional services is available.

Order fulfilment

You should only care about sales, all the parcel fulfilment, preparation and returns are done by us. Also we provide all additional services like putting leaflets, re-applying labels, completing products from separate parts, etc.